Friday, 19 August 2016

What Are Different Types of CCTV Cameras

Closed Circuit Television Cameras have been used for security purposes from quite some time now. It all started with the first CCTV system being installed by Siemens AG at Test Stand VII in Peenemunde, Germany in the year 1942. CCTV cameras were installed in order to observe the launching of V-2 rockets. And it was Walter Bruch, a German engineer, who gave the technological design and installation for the project. The video surveillance in the earliest time required constant monitoring as the provision of recording and storing information was then not available.

CCTV kits came as a boon to us as these cameras provided with means to prevent and solve crimes for a very long time now. These surveillance cameras come in a number of types, styles, and configurations. Depending on what works best for intended applications, a home or business owner gets a wide range to have a pick from. As a matter of fact, a significant increase can be traced in the purchase of CCTV camera online in the recent years.

As security installations are becoming a prevalent scenario, it becomes extremely vital to select right camera for a proper and optimum application. Here is a reference guide for you on the types of CCTV kits in the market, for you to buy CCTV kits online for intended application.

Bullet Camera

This is a wall or ceiling mounted unit. The design typically is more favorable for indoor use. But it can also fulfill certain kinds of outdoor applications. Its sleek and thin cylindrical shape is what is responsible for its name to be 'bullet'. Its typical features do not include pan/tilt/zoom control. It is instead designed to take images from a fixed spot in a fixed area.

Dome Camera

The camera for this CCTV type sits inside a dome-shaped housing. The built of this camera makes it unobtrusive and yet visible. There are also available units that allow cameras inside to have quick spins for monitoring and are often referred to as "speed domes".

Discreet Camera

You might wonder it to be a clock, a smoke detector or anything at random, but it actually might be a covert camera in disguise.


Buy CCTV kits online with the technology of infrared or night vision, and you are good to monitor the areas with minimal or no lights. By using IR LEDs these cameras come with the ability to see images even in pitch dark conditions.

High Definition Cameras

These type of closed circuit television cameras are mostly relegated to niche markets such as that of casinos- as these come with a technology of zooming in with extreme clarity of an image.

Beyond this list, there are available many other names to go by. Therefore assess your demand and buy CCTV camera and accessories online accordingly.

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